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The increasingly common use of intelligent sensors in conjunction with cameras enables comprehensive monitoring and detection of events and conditions in real time. This combination enables effective use in areas such as intelligent lighting, collection of air quality data, traffic management and waste management.

Sensor networks provide an extensive data base for real-time monitoring and event processing. They can quickly detect problems, anomalies and dangerous situations. Analysis of historical data allows you to automate processes, optimize performance and uncover patterns and relationships that would escape human observation. Predictive analytics allows you to anticipate future events and take preventive action.

Smart cities

It's about making them work more efficiently (more flexibility, lower costs, reduced risks), be welcoming for residents and visitors (communication with authorities, orientation in cities, support from the city) and be better to live and work in (how to provide the best possible living conditions and how to enhance the experience of visiting the city as much as possible.

Smart mobility

Intelligent transport systems can monitor and analyse traffic conditions, identify congested areas or accidents and provide information to adjust traffic lights or traffic routing and optimise traffic, thanks to image processing and data analysis. Not only this information can then be fed into driver navigation systems and smart parking solutions. Of course, transport companies can use the information from various sensors to increase the efficiency of vehicle management and reduce costs through advanced data analysis.

(A)IoT analytics

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms is essential for processing large volumes of sensor data. Specialised AI models process this data efficiently and can be implemented directly into devices. This allows the system to work in a decentralised way and increases its efficiency. The data obtained from the sensors can be integrated into a digital twin, which is analysed using AI algorithms. This enables rapid response to changes, improving system efficiency and simulating different scenarios for better decision making.

The integration of the latest technologies such as smart cameras, advanced sensors - Internet of Things (IoT), and the use of artificial intelligence in analyzing the available data plays a key role in all areas of everyday life. 

Thanks to them, our work can be more efficient, and there are certainly new ways to utilise new, smart technologies that await us.

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