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The main goal of digitalisation in government is to solve or at least improve the usual problems faced by both the citizen and administrators.

It is therefore not just about introducing new smart technologies because they are currently popular. It is primarily about simplifying bureaucracy overall, increasing the efficiency of processes and eliminating errors that can easily occur.

What does digitalisation bring?

The citizen portal is often seen as the first and fundamental step in digitalisation. Electronic forms that not only prefill many details from national registers and check that the entered values are correct and that nothing is missing, but also, and most importantly, allow submission without having to wait in line at the office.

It's not just about forms.

But digitalisation is much more than that. It involves the integration of advanced technologies that allow officials to manage routine tasks such as processing simple applications or dealing with queries more efficiently. By automating them, officials can devote more time and attention to more complex cases that require a more individual approach.

Will digitalisation replace the civil servant?

In no way does it mean replacing civil servants. Digitalisation only provides tools to help civil servants do their job better. Even if automation takes over routine tasks that require only a minimum of attention, the clerk should always have the final say in decisions that require human judgement and empathy.

What about small municipalities?

It may seem that implementing such systems is professionally and financially very challenging. Especially for small municipalities, which often suffer from a lack of resources and staff. But their councillors can also benefit from digitalisation. When implemented correctly, even the systems available to them are designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, allowing even less tech-savvy users to make effective use of digital tools. to significantly improve services to citizens.

What next?

There are many factors to consider when moving to a digital office. And that's where we can help. We have prepared some details on the website Don't hesitate to ask us anything else about digitalisation.

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