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We seek and find paths even where there seem to be none ...

We are curious and interested in how things work.

... we are a family ...

 ... we are THE TEAM.

... we are THE TEAM.


The Team

Thanks to our out-of-the-box thinking and diverse expertise, we are able to propose innovative ideas and provide creative solutions inspired by different disciplines. We remain open to the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, learning sensors or digital twins, and use their advantages in non-traditional areas to solve complex problems and technological challenges.

We understand the need to stay on top of the latest advances, trends and breakthroughs. We keep abreast of advances in the scientific literature and participate in conferences and workshops. By collaborating with universities, research institutions, industry experts and start-ups, we gain new perspectives, specialised expertise and opportunities for co-innovation.

We look for projects that may not have immediate practical application but have the potential for a major breakthrough. We focus on preparing studies and prototypes to test not only the feasibility of an innovation but also its limits and risk points.

Smart Mobility

The integration of the latest technologies such as smart...

Sensors and Cameras

The increasingly common use of intelligent sensors in...


"It is time to move from the question What is happening?...

The integration of the latest technologies such as smart cameras, advanced sensors - the Internet of Things (IoT), and the use of artificial intelligence to analyse available data, plays a key role in all areas of day-to-day life. Whether we are talking about individual homes, manufacturing companies or the transformation of cities into smart and sustainable hubs.

Intelligent traffic systems, through image processing and data analysis, can monitor and analyse traffic conditions, identify congested areas or accidents and provide information to adjust traffic lights or traffic routing and optimise traffic. Not only this information can then be fed into driver navigation systems and smart parking solutions. Of course, transport companies can use the information from any sensor to increase the efficiency of vehicle management and reduce costs through advanced data analysis.

Cities can get comprehensive monitoring of public spaces, traffic junctions, parking lots and other important areas with advanced camera systems. The integration of artificial intelligence into camera systems enables advanced image analysis, object and event recognition, anomaly detection and automation of decision-making processes. As a result, suspicious activities, dangerous situations such as an ongoning fire or an unconscious person can be automatically detected, increasing the level of security and enabling an effective response to potential threats.

There are many examples of how the latest technology can be used. Some have already been partially explored, but others are still waiting to be better understood. The combination of advanced camera systems, IoT and other smart technologies opens the door to a new era of smart and sustainable cities. This makes it so exciting to find new areas where different technologies can be combined. Especially in areas where traditional thinking is not enough. And that's the only way to be ready for the challenges of the future.

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